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Форум » Всякая всячина » Изба-флудильня » Для тех кто хочет подзаработать (Реальные деньги. проверено)
Для тех кто хочет подзаработать
amarkarryДата: Четверг, 06.06.2013, 11:24 | Сообщение # 1126
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Bai Yan is loose: Man smooth contest hires a women's volleyball advocate handsome it is helpless losing an election just is unfixed
I believe Lang Ping is to taking some of helpless mood to attend bishop of Chinese women's volleyball to drill of one duty " enter into an election contest " , this kind but in, still have solemn and stirring but more one is plant cannot the sense of responsibility of evade. I am in " enter into an election contest " quote was added on 2 words, because,be, entering into an election contest is to contend for, it is to grab, it is to strive to win victory, and this women's volleyball bishop drills of one duty " enter into an election contest " , ought to not be to contend for, not be to grab, mergence choosing perhaps is kind of disengagement. And participant, especially Lang Ping, estimation is the result that charge for the making of sth. is made and persuades. Say from this angle, true Dexiexielang is smooth.
In those days Lang Ping drills when the bishop for the first time, take a team to take the silver medal of Atlanta Olympic Games, it is a miracle almost; At that time, even if is a miracle, reckon Lang Ping is a little unwilling also. Man makes the same score the bishop that be become by pitch on of American women's volleyball to drill later, she fears Chinese fan pays no attention to solution, ever still carried a sentence with me, offer detailed explanation in the program, cannot think of, domestic fan special understanding, this shows, the complex of old women's volleyball in man smooth heart has multiple. In last few years, tired bird homecoming, lang Ping holds the position of bishop of constant big women's volleyball to drill, can say this is her some closer year come most Shu Xin also most a few years when loosen. Of course, be in these a few years, she also sees current situation of unmanned of temporary shortage of Chinese women's volleyball, succeed, the times feeling in also choosing episcopal practice to think of Lang Ping's circumstance is helpless. Nevertheless, to this she is politelied decline time and again. However this, she eventually but give mountain, wedding day ended, hard labor began. I sympathize with her very much, but thank her again, more admire her! Bishop of Chinese women's volleyball is experienced, now is the assignment that everybody hides, lang Ping faced it, ought not to admire her?
Should think more however: How to support her? I think, best support is purify illusion, considering very good success, make the same score for man people untie a person. Who be hope man is made the same score or, can be main goal with the train of thought of found, attune, ability that pick a person, arrange its nature, perhaps did not come, ability of Chinese women's volleyball weighs Zhen Xiongfeng.
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